Beds for Kids

Thanks to everyone who made a donation to the Beds for Kids program so a child will be warm this holiday! 
Each bed we provide costs us $110, so any amount you and your friends donated certainly did help. Thank you.

Kids without beds deserve sweeter dreams:

By Regina Brett

It’s hard for visions of sugar plums to dance in a little girl’s head when she’s sleeping on a cold floor.
It’s hard for a little boy to sleep in heavenly peace on a saggy living room couch.
Too many children don’t have a bed to sleep in.
Too many end up sleeping on the floor, on a couch or in a chair, night after night.
Every child deserves a bed. It’s a basic need. But hundreds of children in Northeast Ohio don’t have one.
Remember your childhood bed? My sister Mary and I shared a small bedroom with two twin metal beds. We bounced back and forth on those beds playing alligator tag. We read Nancy Drew mysteries under the covers. We whispered in them at night and shared our secrets.
Tom Gaghan, executive director of the Cleveland Furniture Bank, told me the need for beds is as great as ever….
“Because of the overwhelming number of requests, we had to put a limit on how many beds we could provide each family,” he told me. “We’re getting swamped with requests.” Click to read the rest of the article

Beds for Kids

In 2012, the Furniture Bank started Beds For Kids – providing new mattresses and beds to families referred by participating agencies.  The beds are provided to children between the ages of 2 and 17.  This year we began adding cribs for donation for children under the age of two. Each year over 1,200 beds have been handed out. To date we have provided over 5,000 beds.

This vital program is supported by individual donations and the annual Inside the Park Home Run event.  Every $100 donated to Beds (and Cribs) For Kids buys a child a new mattress and bed or a crib with a mattress.  Please consider a donation to help a child have a safe, warm bed and not have to sleep on the cold floor or inside a cardboard box. Help a child get a good night’s sleep!