Furnishing HOPE to individuals and families in Northeast Ohio since 2006.

People HOPE to sleep in a bed, eat at a table, and sit in a comfy chair or couch.  Cleveland Furniture Bank fulfills those hopes by providing them with basic home furnishings that are needed to establish a comfortable place to live.


Increase in pickup service fee effective March 2, 2020

In order to carry out our mission of providing furniture to families in need, CFB offers a pickup service to donors.  For 13 years, this service has been provided for $20 which helped to offset a small portion of the cost of sending a truck and two people to remove donated items from homes and businesses.  This cost is significantly less than it would cost to hire a for-profit company.  And, the items donated are recycled to needy families and kept out of landfills.

However, the cost to provide this service has increased in those 13 years.  Last year, the average cost of our pickups was $92.  Additionally, the work required by our employee teams to remove multiple items from multiple floors increases the amount of time required for pickups.

Effective March 2, 2020 we are implementing a new fee structure to better reflect the time and work required to pick up items.

The new schedule is based on the difficulty of the pickup:

  • Easy ($25) : All items on porch, in garage or on the first floor
  • Hard ($50): Items on multiple levels of home or requiring elevators in apartment buildings

Donors are always welcome to drop off items at our location.

We appreciate the support of all of our donors. Our efforts to help you dispose of good, usable furniture and other items you no longer need in order to help the needy of Northeast Ohio and reduce the impact on the environment will continue to be the main focus of our mission.  And, you receive a tax write off for your donation.