How we help families

Individuals and families who have experienced difficulties in life and lost their personal belongings can receive basic home furnishings through our program.  Each person referred must be evaluated and referred by one of the agencies that have signed up to participate in the program.  If a person in need is not currently signed up with an agency, they must contact one and inquire if the agency can help them take the steps to rebuild their lives.

Click here to view the list of participating agencies 


Participation in the Cleveland Furniture Bank is open to all organizations that focus on serving those in need.

Agencies may request an application to participate in the Furniture Bank by calling (216) 459-2265, ext. 107 or email the request to .  The application provides basic information about the agency, the contact person responsible for the agency’s participation, and other general information.  There is no fee for an agency to sign up to participate.