Our premier Thrift Store open to the public supporting the Cleveland Furniture Bank mission

We offer a wide range of gently used merchandise, such as furniture, mattresses, household items, clothing, shoes, books, electronics, appliances, and seasonal items.  We also offer brand new furniture and mattresses that come to us from area stores.  Our prices reflect the quality of the merchandise sold.  Home Delivery is available.

Hours:  Monday – Saturday 10am-6pm,  Sunday 12pm-6pm

Link to a Google Map Tour of the Store 

Customer Testimonials

“I am in love with this place because it is a ONE STOP thrift shop. Think of Goodwill on steroids and with some brand new stuff to boot!” John D.

“Staff is great, helpful and really friendly” Amber

“It is great! If you are looking for something new to you and pretty cheap this is the place to go. I think of it as the Rodeo of Thrift stores.” Ashley B